As a professional supplier of building hoist, Truemax provide our customers with the best engineer solution for building hoist. We design and optimize the correct the model of equipment according to different projects.

With better technical performance plus more secure and compact structure, this product has the following notable features:

1. Safety device is perfect and reliable. The anti-drop safety device with national patent technology makes this product superior in working reliability among similar products.

2. The driving mechanism is placed on the top of the cage, which enhances the interior space and brings great convenience to operation and transportation.

3. Unite designed, the product can be combined at different speeds and weights through different assembly to meet specific specifications. Thus makes the product operation more standard, practical and universal.

4. Stable and smooth running plus comfortable seating. The drive unit is placed above the top of the cage, thus the cage space increases; meanwhile, the transmission unit is more stable, smaller in mechanical vibration. All this provides the operator with a comfortable, spacious working environment.

5. Simple circuit of electronic control system makes an easy and reliable operation and maintenance.